What is an agricultural vehicle?

An agricultural vehicle is defined as:

  • Any highway motor vehicle that is used (or expected to be used) primarily for farming purposes, and registered under state laws as a highway motor vehicle used for farming purpose for the entire period.
  • A vehicle is used primarily for farming purposes IF:
  • more than half of the vehicles use (based on mileage) during the period is for farming purposes.
  • A special tag or license plate identifying the vehicle as used for farming is not required for it to be considered an agricultural vehicle.
  • Farm plates refer to vehicles used on farms for transportation of the farmer and the farmers family, including personal use.
  • Special farm plates are used for hauling crops or livestock bedding to transport the items from the field to their feed or storage areas.
  • Logging trucks which are used in logging operations to haul timber are separate from agricultural vehicles.

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