What is Form 8849?
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Applicable To
Form 2290 Form 8849 Amendments

Form 8849 Schedule 6 is used exclusively to claim a refund on the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) paid for Form 2290. There is no deadline to file your Form 8849; you can file this return anytime and claim your tax credits. The IRS will issue a refund of HVUT only under these circumstances.

1. If your taxable vehicle was sold, stolen, or destroyed during the tax year.
2. If your 2290 taxable vehicle did not exceed 5,000 miles on public highways during the tax year( or 7,500 for agricultural vehicles).
3. If you erroneously paid an excessive HVUT while filing your Form 2290.

The tax credits from the credit vehicles can also be used to pay your HVUT while filing your Form 2290 for the following tax year. But, if you do not have any taxable vehicles to file for, or if the tax credits are more than your HVUT for the tax year, you cannot use Form 2290 to claim the excessive credit. You must file Form 8849 Schedule 6 to claim a refund in those cases. 

If you file your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax and your HVUT is lesser than your tax credits, your Form 8849 Schedule 6 will be automatically generated with the adjusted credit.

Our 100% US-based support team is available by phone, email, or live chat to answer all your Form 2290 questions. ExpressTruckTax also offers Spanish support when you e-file Form 2290.

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