How ExpressTruckTax makes your HVUT 2290 filing quick and easy?
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Applicable To
Form 2290 Form 8849 Amendments

ExpressTruckTax provides various options for Tax Professionals and Business Owners to e-file Form 2290 quick and easy. Depending on whether they are new users, returning users,   to file for a single vehicle or for multi-vehicles, these options are made available. 

Single-vehicle filers have a separate flow to file in minutes. Multi-vehicle filers can use the Express filing option to enter the vehicle details, choose the payment option, and transmit all on a single page.  
Returning users will be able to copy the vehicle information from IRS accepted prior filings to quickly create the return, rather than having to add the information all over again, saving them a lot of time. 
Tax Professionals who handle multiple businesses can use the bulk upload feature to add information of their client businesses at once. Capabilities for a taxpayer to e-sign Form 8453-EX to authorize the filing is available.
The infographics below gives an overview of various options available for a quick and easy filing:


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