How ExpressTruckTax helps Tax Professionals file 2290?
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Form 2290 Form 8849 Amendments

In ExpressTruckTax, Tax Professionals have multiple options to start the e-filing of Form 2290 for their clients that will save them time, depending on whether they are a new user or returning user.
New users have these options:

  • Bulk upload business information of their clients at once.
  • Bulk upload vehicle information for a business at once.
  •  If no Credit vehicles to report for the business, use the Express Filing option that presents the vehicle details and payment options to be entered on a single page.
  •  If Credit vehicles are to report, use the Multiple Vehicles under Start New Return to report any type of vehicles, namely; Taxable, Suspended, Credit, Prior Year Suspended. Also, Credits, if any, can be deducted from the Total Tax.

Returning users having IRS accepted returns for a business in their prior filings, can easily copy vehicle details from these returns in a few simple steps and file 2290. 
Other features available for all users:

  • Form 2848 (Power of Attorney).
  • E-Sign of Form 8453-EX by a taxpayer for authorization. Alternatively, manual upload of signed 8453-EX is available.

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