How do I file a 2290 amendment?
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Form 2290 Form 8849 Amendments

If you have already filed your Form 2290 return with the wrong Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the IRS has accepted it, you have to file an amendment to change your VIN in the return. Also, if there's an increase in the weight category of your truck or an increase in mileage for a suspended vehicle, you must file Form 2290 Amendment to update the new information to the IRS.

There are three amendments one can make to an accepted 2290 return, and ExpressTruckTax supports all of these:

1. VIN Correction - Make changes to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), if you had filed with the wrong VIN. You could file your VIN correction form for Free if you filed your original return with ExpressTruckTax.
2. Taxable Gross Weight Increase - Report any increase in the taxable gross weight of your vehicle to the IRS. ExpressTruckTax calculates the adjusted tax of your vehicle for the remainder of the year.
3. Mileage Exceeded - File this amendment if your suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit (5000 miles). 

Here's how you file an amended return using ExpressTruckTax:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Select the appropriate amendment form.
3. Choose if you had filed your original return with us.
4. Enter the old and updated information about your vehicle.
5. Review your return and transmit it to the IRS.

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