What are the reasonable causes to avoid 2290 penalties?
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The IRS can waive your penalties if you can provide a reasonable cause as to why you did not file your Form 2290 (or pay taxes) on time.

First-time filers have a good chance of waiving off the penalty and interest dues. If you have filed your return and paid your taxes on time for the past 3 years and are filing (or paying taxes) late for the first time, the IRS will consider removing your dues.

There isn't a specific reason you can give to the IRS, but the IRS will consider any reason beyond your control. Here are a few reasons that will take into account:

  1. Accidents or any natural disasters.
  2. Death or severe illness of the family members.
  3. Check, or Money order couldn't reach the IRS.
  4. Inability to obtain any records.

The IRS will also require proof of the reasonable cause provided. The reason provided must be valid and true.

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