Can I e-file a Form 2290 VIN correction?
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Applicable To
Form 2290 Form 8849 Amendments

Yes! At ExpressTruckTax, we understand that mistakes happen. You can amend your Form 2290 filing with a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN correction using ExpressTruckTax. If you completed your Form 2290 filing originally with ExpressTruckTax, your VIN correction is FREE!

Here's how you can file your Form 2290 VIN Correction with ExpressTruckTax:

  1. Sign in to your ExpressTruckTax account.
  2. Click "Start New Return" on the dashboard.
  3. Select "Form 2290 Amendments" and choose "VIN Correction."
  4. If you filed your original return with us, select "Amend a return that was filed through us" or else choose "Original return filed elsewhere" then click "Next."
  5. Select the appropriate vehicle and make the necessary changes.
  6. Now follow the prompts to complete your Amendment and transmit your return to the IRS.

If you filed for multiple vehicles and entered an incorrect VIN for just one vehicle, you must file VIN correction for that vehicle alone. You must have a copy of both the original Schedule 1 and amended Schedule 1 in the cabin of your truck for verification purposes.

If you are in a rush, don't forget about our full-service option, TSNAmerica. Just call us and tell us you want us to handle it for you!

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